Open Letter to Puckjunkie Customers, Past and Present

Tick...tick...tick...anyone else hear the sound of the season ticking away? Anyone else seen this picture before?

Call us once bitten, twice shy. But unlike the owners and players, we won’t be able to recoup our losses from a labour disruption. Any effort we put in now is essentially wasted, as we discovered just a few years ago. And forgive us if we sound bitter, but it’s hard to keep promoting the sport we love when they seem so hell bent on bringing it to its knees.

So we are going to take a break. Effective immediately, Puckjunkie will stop selling subscriptions. We're going to begin a period of intense navel gazing – might as well try to turn lemons into lemonade! Given the uncertainty around the NHL season and threat of a lock-out, we think the time has come to pull back, to re-evaluate and maybe to chart a different course. We’ll see if we can find a way to come back bigger and better. And in the meantime, we are going to have a normal September for once.

We want to thank all our loyal subscribers. We are not going to disappear…just go dark for a while. And once this period of madness has ended, check back with us to see what we are up to. We know that fantasy hockey fans won’t abandon the sport of hockey. Which is a good thing, because they might be the only ones if this labour dispute is a protracted one.

The Puckjunkie Team

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We get a lot of questions about the Predictor: how many stats do you predict? (32) Do you predict goalies? (Yes) What stat categories do you predict? Well we just added predicted hits and blocked shots!(See the rest in our stat glossary). Well rather than trying to answer these one at a time, we thought it might be a good idea to let you PREVIEW THE PREDICTOR. Then the questions should just answer themselves! Of course, the preview is last year's data....

We think that after you see the Predictor that you will agree with us that this is the premiere fantasy hockey cheatsheet tool on the market. Who else offers you 500+ NHL players, predictions on stat categories like plus/minus, faceoff wins and shot percentage, fantasy specific comments, player ranking based on your chosen categories, premium advice articles only available to subscribers...the list just goes on and on! But if we still haven't convinced you, here's more info on The Predictor. Up-to-date, customizable, comprehensive. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our customers have to say. Or take it from some of the guys who have registered as our customers: Steve's Cheatsheets, Fantasy Hockey Coach and even everyone's favourite villian, Ekelund. But they can use our data; no one else has the Predictor.

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It's not enough each season to know who the hot rookies are coming out of the draft. Anyone can draft a Nugent-Hopkins or a Landeskog. But most young players won't just jump into the NHL and earn a top line position. And in a keeper league, you need to know more. So we try to take a longer-term perspective and rate the prospects on how we think they will perform over several seasons. GET THIS ARTICLE FREE, JUST FOR REGISTERING!


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